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  • Bonus from Brokers

    Bonus is an important issue when choosing a broker , so when choosing a bonus offer we the traders first of all have to ensure to take any kinds of bonus offer from only most credible trading broker , otherwise it is useless to have 100-200% bonuses which cannot use at all due to margin stop outs. now I am comfortable with LQDFX which provided me 100% initial bonus that I can use at all times including lowest trading spreads as well minimum margin requirements .

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    The process of selecting a forex broker is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make, at least throughout your forex career. This decision, just like the trading itself, must be made in an objective and scientific way. The first necessity for choosing the right broker must be the safe and reliable track record of the firm. Circle Markets is one of the best brokers I've experienced so far. And I am very lucky that I have chosen them as my trading partner.
    There are good trading and supporting conditions which helps in making trading comfortable, profitable and enjoyable. They are the best broker I have ever worked with. They are really a high-class brokerage company in this industry. I am using them very comfortably and earning good amount of money.


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      I don't give any importance to bonus. But no deposit bonus would be helpful for new traders. Bonus makes a trader loss driven. He starts to think well if I lose my investment, I have the bonus. It makes a trader psychologically weak. To be a decent trader you need to trade with your own cash. For trading we better find a decent broker with superb features. I can propose you a decent broker for your trading. FXPM is a decent broker with strict regulations. You can immediately deposit and withdraw your money with various methods.


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        The bonus is really important for the traders who are particularly the newcomers. but it should be usable , basically the bonuses we get from our trading brokers practically cannot use in a proper way due to many restrictions , so we have to make sure to take any kinds of bonus offer from only regulated trading broker , otherwise it is useless to have 100-200% bonuses which cannot use at all due to margin stop outs.


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          While choosing forex broker for trading many trader consider bonus offers given by broker. There are more than thousands of forex broker but there are only few broker whose bonus offer actually can use. Such a broker is TradesFX. Because this broker is most credible and regulated trading broker that’s why the bonus that I got from this broker I have fully availed. I enjoyed their 100% credit bonus, 100% supercharged bonus and 30% rescue bonus.