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Do you like to trade on Commodities or Currency pairs?

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  • Do you like to trade on Commodities or Currency pairs?

    We all start trading through currency pairs mainly, but often we trade on commodities, so what’s your favorite? Is it currency pairs or commodities? I trade with OctaFX broker where I low spread from all top currency pairs which is why I like it so much and completely believe in trading on that only, but sometimes I do trade on Gold or things like that but my first love or wish is to do trading on currency pairs only instead of commodities.

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    I trade just currency match. I don't prefer to trade products. For my trading I just trade eurusd and gbpusd pairs. It comprehends those 2 pairs more. To me it is a smart thought to trade maybe a couple pairs. It causes us to comprehend the qualities of that match. For my trading I utilize FXPM platform. It has extraordinary compared to other trading platforms in options field. It likewise gives 2000 GBP free giveaway to the trader of the month.