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Leverage and its risk

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  • Leverage and its risk

    In Fx trading for avoiding loss Many experts suggest not to trade with high leverage, but In order to me, if traders have confidence with their trading strategy and high amount of money in deposit account, surely they can choose high leverage ratio because it will give them no problem. But if have small balance deposit only while trading system is not too good , small leverage ratio could help traders minimize the ratio.

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    My view is leverage is ok and it is a great opportunity in forex that trader can start business without any big investment but taking leverage facility from their broker. But as we all know leverage is very risky because ultimately trader has to pay the full amount. For a certain time period you are borrowing money from your broker. So, trader should be more careful while taking this facility. I am taking 1: 400 leverage facility from my broker TopFX24 with proper money management.


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      In order to my trading experience, I think For the traders who are particularly newbie the best leverage is 1:20(maximum) attend no 200. But the trader who has 100% wining method in Forex trading can use 1:500 leverage . 1:500 leverage will be best for those traders. But one thing that, all leverage are good. Its only depends on trading strategies and trading plan of a trader.