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Why not follow the Big Boys?

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  • Why not follow the Big Boys?

    Surely you are all aware that the movers and shakers in the world of FX are the Banks and Hedgies....

    They don't have crystal balls all the time.... they have to make decisions based on parameters aswell.

    So why not just do what they do?

    Trust me, you would be amazed if you knew how totally simplistic their methods are.


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    Very good point but the problem is professional Forex traders are very silent! Even though, nowadays availability of automatic trading services are very good sign for the new investors! Incidentally, I am with a pro trader by using Social Trading Service of trade24 broker! Here I get consistent result since when I am using this automatic trading service, and I have no experience on technical error here! Of course, I want to stay here for a long-long time!


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      Trading is a mind game. Every trader is different from psychological point of view. To be successful you need to know the knowledge of trading. You can not be a successful trader by following others in this market. It's because it very hard to follow someone blindly when it comes to trading. I am a binary options trader. As a trading platform I have chosen lxmarkets. It is a leading regulated options broker.


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        We can follow them; I mean big boys. But how much we can know how they did it and still they are doing this with stability entirely. What we can see from here that they are already reached that notch what every forex trader dream of. We can see their luxurious life. But at the end of the day we have to make our own way. That is exactly they did. I am making my own way with TryMarkets.
        With TryMarkets, you can also trade CFDs on commodity futures.


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          Trading forex is really about controlling your emotions and managing forex risk. That’s it. There are various things you can do decide your trades, but if you do not control your emotions or manage your risk, you will be finished before you can start. You must have to know about proper risk management. I am trading with FreshForex. They are offering various kind of professional courses in forex trading. They furnished their educational section with many popular forex trading books.
          A beginner can learn there perfectly. Their courses are very much informative and realistic what help learners to get real view of forex market. In forex market this is only a broker in my sense which is very much resourceful with educational materials.


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            Forex business is not only the business of making money but also a big pressured game. Seriously, if any trader are good in controlling their emotions they will able to manage the risk more smartly. Besides controlling my pressure TopFX24 helps me by their risk and money management process. It release my extra trading pressure. They have over 2100 trading instruments in their platform to serve their trader. The best facility for me is their lowest spreads which is 0.9 pips.
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              As trader need make research before joined on broker, I think will disappointed with any trader joined and facing with scam broker when they can making good profit but when withdraw money rejected and sometime blocked account with no reason, forex business is high risk and as trader should keep discipline with obey rules only spent money that afford to lose.
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