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    guys im seeking to improve my approach to forex.i feel comfortable with these setups.i welcome you to my mobile system

    all are apply to closed and weighted

    lagging indi for trend, support line
    MA 21-red /MA 55- blue /ma 233 yellow

    leading indi for signal trigger

    stoch k-8 d-5 slow -3 /main blue/signal - red
    rsi 13 blue 21 red
    cci 34 blue 55 red

    ao - used to be macd.i just need the volume and slope

    cross over system ( it every where on the net)
    i prefer buy as long as new candle open above ma 21,
    sell as long as new candle open below ma 21

    ma crossing provide the trend,as long as ma 21is above MA 55,its buy,minor retraces are at are at MA 55 (i used it as TP if im countering the trend)

    MA crossings are my key snr. dynamic snr are the MA lines.

    the triggers (leading indi)
    1) confirm the trend (buy for example - new candle above ma 21)
    2) leading are crossed and exit OS levels
    stoch - 20/rsi 30/cci -150@-250
    3) ao slope are creating sourcers slope

    basically i just follow the red lines.main chart moving up,i check for entry on leading indi.

    hope to improve the performance by discussion

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    Trading through mobile is always required because Forex is just that type of business which can be operated through whatever way we want and that’s why mobile can be so handy. I am working with OctaFX broker where they have awesome cTrader mobile platform which works wonderfully for me with no issues over slippage, spikes or any such problems that are often seen while all trades are operated in matter of milliseconds, so not only it makes one comfortable but helps in growing.


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      Mobile trading is something that you can really get help from big time, it’s vital to have all options open. I trade with OctaFX broker where all options are available and present to use including mobile. I love working with them having all platforms like Mt4, Mt5 or even cTrader while currently, I have their cTrader mobile platform installed, it’s fantastic and whenever I want, I am able to do trading with ease and it makes trading so enjoy able!


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        pm check fariha please


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          Mobile trading might not be everyone’s favorite way, but it is something that is often required, so I believe we should definitely have proper idea about it. I am extremely fortunate that I trade with OctaFX broker and with them, I do it all nicely, as they have beautiful setting with all options including Web Trader, Mobile platform normal ones like Mt4/Mt5 and cTrader, so with so much to select from, it’s just fascinating and helps in big way for me!


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            what is automatic trading?


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              Among Forex facilities one is trading with mobile phone. But it is very much awkward to trade with mobile. We can not analyse market through mobile. But it is helpful for taking as well as taking off trades. We can make any changes of trades urgent through mobile phone. I enjoy this facility very much and also support mobile trading.


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                Nowadays forex trading is very handy. And day by day it is become more proficient. Many broker trying to shrink the operations within a palm. ECNCAPITAL.COM came this market with lots of proficient and effective activities. And day by day they are improving their services. They always trying to to take their level more than higher. That is why you can access their trading platform, tools and software through you desktop, laptop, tabs and smart phones also.


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                  Honestly speaking, mobile trading is very dangerous especially for the newbies. Because of the small screen size market structure cannot be measured clearly. On the other hand is creates an intention to check market everytime and any intraday volatility creates tension in mind. But it is very helpful to modify trade instantly but this is not applicable for the newbies. Although mobile trading is increasing day by day and more features are adding in recent Mt4 mobile platform updates. Thanks to my broker TryMarkets as they provide excellent platform for mobile users. Now we can use almost every indicator which were avaible for PC only.
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                  With TryMarkets, you can also trade CFDs on commodity futures.


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                    Trading through mobile is an advanced steps in forex business. It has made forex business smarter. Now a days the world in hand is said for the latest technology of science, which is called a mobile. We are getting everything in mobile, so why not in forex. Especially scalper need mobile trading facility. Because scalper cannot miss each and every signal in the market. I am also taking mobile trading facility from my broker TopFX24.