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  • Posting Guidelines

    Posting Guidelines for main sections

    1} Thread Title
    Always use Search function before starting new thread

    Members need to use following format for thread title :

    SahibExchange - SahibExchange.Com

    Site Name - Site Name URL

    * No other forum will be accepted.
    * If any Member don't follow the above rule he/she will get infraction each Infraction that will cost 20 Points deduction.
    * Members can create Maximum 10 Threads in a day.

    2} New Thread Description
    The thread should contain the following elements :

    * Site Description
    * Investment Plans / Get Paid to Rates / Offer
    * Supported list of Payment processors by the site
    * Your personal brief review about the site
    * Payment Proof if any
    * Site link (must include referral link)

    3} Reply Post
    * Post must be informative, meaningful and related to topic.
    * Off topic discussion is not allowed
    * Replies must be at least 2-lines length
    * If anyone found bad-uses the credit system by making offtopic discussion he will be warned and points will be removed
    * Short and useless posts are not allowed e.g. "wow nice site, how much it pays", "did you already received payment", "Post payment proof", "Scam site"
    * If we found post like above Member will be warned and if the same mistake happened again he/she will get banned.

    4} HYIP Discussion Section
    • HYIP discussion section is only for discussing about HYIP programs, no more payments proof are allowed. There is another special section for posting HYIP payment proofs.
    • Autosurf/manual surf sites payment proofs shall be posted in Autosurf/Manual Surf Payment Proofs
    5} Referral Link
    Strictly referral link is only allowed in First Post of the thread. Otherwise, links can be placed in the signature.

    6} Payment Proof
    Members, Monitor Admin's must follow include following information in payment proof
    Transaction date, time, transaction id, amount, receiver/sender ecurrency account ID, desciption.
    Don't strike out Transaction id, e-currency ID, that post won't be accepted and granted and rule breaker will be warned/banned.

    Payment Proofs for less than $0.10 cents are not allowed anymore. If anyone found posting such proofs will get 50% deduction at payout time.

    Payment proof not to be posted in Discussion section we have separate sections they are below.
    High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) payment proofs

    Get Paid to Programs payment proofs >

    Autosurf/manual surf programs payment proofs >

    Members must post payment proof in related section, Those don't follow rule will receive warning/infraction and points deduction.

    7} Inactive Threads
    Those threads are not responding within 15 days will be moved to Scam/closed section. However, Threads can be returned back to proper section upon reporting.
    The Inactive Threads from the following sections will be moved :
    • High Yield Investment Programs - (HYIP) - (Discussion Only)
    • HYIP Payment Proofs
    • Autosurf & Manual Surf
    • Get Paid To..
    8} Offending & attacking
    Members are not allowed to offend or do personal attack. If you feel anyone breaking such rule simply use report button.

    9} Reporting Thread/Post
    Always Use "Report" button if u found Duplicate thread or want to report scam closed programs or any other illegal matter.

    10} Paying - Non Paying section's

    Paying - Non Paying Section List