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FIFA 18 Expection: Will it Make Use of VR

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  • FIFA 18 Expection: Will it Make Use of VR

    It's a possibility that FIFA will indulge into VR gaming experience. Don't be psyched yet, you running around as a player is still a far-fetched idea, but maybe getting the view from the stands might just be a viable idea FIFA might be working on.

    Virtual Reality has been slowly growing onto people and collaborating gaming and VR tech seems to be the next obvious way to go for game developers as even having VR set enhance the visuals — making the game look like it's being played on a big screen is worth it right now. coins fifa 18 .

    Sony has invested millions into PSVR but needs more mainstream games to show it off. Whilst VR won't be anything super special.

    A "crowd" camera, that allows you to play a game as if you were watching from the stands, is – in theory – incredibly simple to pull off. While a "first-person ref cam" could add some much needed immersion. FIFA 18 Coins .

    Non VR-ready games can be enjoyed on PSVR – with the device acting a micro-cinema screen on your face. It's time FIFA made the most of it.